Gorzkow Stary – a lovely village located in Slask province, Myszkowski county is based inside Eagles’ Nests Landscape Park in the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland. Surrounded by mountains and hills with many viewpoints to experience the village in all its beauty.

In the surrounding area you have acces to a wide range of public paths suitable for a number of activities such as cycling, rollerskating or even nordic walking. There are a vast amount limestone rocks and cliffs encouraging rockclimbers to test their capabilities and even challenge themselves. Approximately 6 miles away you may like to visit the breathtaking Royal Bobolice Castle, built in the XIV Century along with Mirow Castle ruins, which is also approximately 6 miles away; Olsztyn Castle, Ogrodzieniec and many more are located further away.

The underground basements of Jura are made up of the largest amount of caves in Poland. If you like to explore, some are available to the public. If you love to fish, there are reservoirsin Poraj, Dzibice and Zloty Potok; which is well known for being Europe’s oldest royal fish farm of Rainbow Trout. The Rainbow fish farm was founded in the 19th century by Count Edward Raczynski- The owner of Zloty Potok. Their crystal clear waters are made up from the famous sources – Zygmunt and Elzbieta. At that time 22 ponds were created. The hatcher is open to the public to experience the tast of the finest fresh fish.


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